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China automatic sunless spray tan machine manufacturer vendor to the solarium salon business of the worldwide market, Chinese sunless tan booth manufacturer for wellness beauty care distributors using biologic self tanner made in Italy.


Italian manufacturing suppliers in Italian Business Guide, industrial made in Italy vendors to the USA, Asia, Latin America and European distribution home page AUTOMATIC SUNLESS SPRAY SUNLESS SPRAY TANNING BIOLOGIC SELF TANNER  
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China automatic Sunless Spray Tanning Machine Our automatic spray tan booth, 100% Made in Italy, designed to give same colour and skin care benefits as natural sun plus comfort and cheap price.
Bestan automatic spray tan the Italian automatic skin treatment spa, that combines healthy and skin therapy

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Italian health tan care products info:
italian sunless tanning solarium
spray tanning machine manufacturer
made in italy sunless spray tan vendor
automatic uv free market vendors
Italian light therapy tanning process
Contact Bestan booth Manufacturer

Bestan Italy industry
Sunless Spray Tanning Made in Italy
Tel: ++39 (329) 6569- 290

Italian health tan and tanner products manufacturing

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SUNLESS TANNING - EASY TO USE IT AND VERY ECONOMIC SESSION a new concept of tan booth design, BesTan was created to offer a very best tan system improving quality of final tanning increasing your salon business profit. Pressing a button of the PC installed you can start the tanning experience it takes three minutes to complete the process saving energy, not noice and using the right quantity of self tanner. Our biologic self tanner, made in Italy, is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The tanning process is combined with light therapy for big comfort tan treatment, using LED the light changes constantly the colour offering a tanning fun sensation  WE ARE ITALIAN MANUFACTURERS LOOKING FOR WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS

Industrial automation, design and manufacturing automation companies to the worldwide distribution to the USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe markets... BIOLOGICAL SELF TANNER TAN AND LIGHT THERAPY MACHINE HEALTH CARE TREATMENT


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Nail protection Booth pre-heat and Ready to Go Head protection Correct initial position to start tanning

Send, share and see our Industrial manufacturing Blog, manufacturing technology headlines, industrial news,...Advertise your business and start a real Business to Business B2B we are an Italian American Engineering organization created to support the Italian, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Middle East, South America Business to BusinessList your business, we are an Italian American Engineering organization created to support the Italian, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Middle East, South America Business to Business


Automatic spray tanning front side Automatic spray tanning front side Automatic spray tanning back side Automatic spray tanning back side


Bestan boot it's easy to use it, do not need specialized technicians
Our tanning booth has been built with the best materials of the European market
Pre heat technology setup to improve efficiency and exceed customer requirements
Our tanning LED sotution improve customer tanning safe session experience
Health light therapy during tanning process thanks to the LED engineering procedure
We use only our biologic self tanner, designed and produced in our Italian facilities
Our tan machine is completely automatic and do not need any extra control


ITALIAN SUNLESS TANNING SOLUTION our sunless tanning solution is the result of deepest research and Italian engineering technical development. Introduce to the market a new concept of high innovative technology design, the self tanner is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, the tan process is combined with light therapy for VIP comfort tan treatments. BESTAN IS THE BEST SELF TANNING booth of the market and cheap price. Compact size fits all spaces, 1.50 m diameter and 2.44 m height. The self tanner solution is applied uniformly on the skin, it was tested in European laboratories, it's free of any health risks and can be used with any type of skin, does not cause skin aging, rashes, burns and/or melanoma. THE ANSWER TO YOUR NEEDS OF TANNING!




Bestan sunless spray tanning manufacturing company offers low price uv free tan machines to the worldwide market, biologic self tanner solution for wholesale hotel, wellness centre, spa, beauty care salon, hospital and health care product distributors


BESTAN LIGHT THERAPY BesTan Italy offers a light therapy during your Tanning Session, using our polychromatic light emitting by colour diodes gives very bright full-spectrum light to your skin improving comfort and health. The light changes automatically during the treatment. Normally the light therapy is associated with the treatment of skin disorders, sleep and some psychiatric disorders. Light therapy directed at the skin is also used to treat acne vulgaris, eczema and neonatal jaundice. Light therapy which strikes the retina of the eyes is used to treat circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome and can also be used to treat seasonal affective disorder, with some support for its use also with non-seasonal psychiatric disorders.









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